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A vision based on iterative thinking

Why Acute360 ?


Through our iterative R&D project management platform and ChatGPT, we want our customers to create value and innovation by doing R&D the right way.
 cloud base platform. 
This means applying the scientific method by using management tools (Acute360 and ChatGPT) that provide a framework for iterative and hypothesis-driven management of R&D and innovation projects. 


The objective was to develop a platform that would provide an iterative, consistent and coherent approach for executing and managing R&D projects.

The method

Acute360 is more than a set of tools to manage your R&D projects, it’s a philosophy of applying oneself to a trustworthy methodology for doing R&D the right way.


What is the right way to build software products? Agile/Scrum based project management software are presently the rage for managing software development, but despite their considerable merits, they require a lot of discipline and a major culture change to be implemented correctly and are better adapted to large teams and large projects. Acute360 is more agile and simpler in managing small to medium software teams and projects. The Acute360 iterative process emphasizes responsible project management and quality over an Agile/Scum approach of team management and strict timely delivery over quality.

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